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Honoring Miss Siggy


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It is with a heavy heart that I share with the board and the community that a true pioneer and beloved friend, Miss Lily Sigmund, a.k.a. Miss Siggy has passed.  Miss Siggy was a Goldendoodle who was a trained social service support dog.  Under the guidance and care of Catherine Ricchetti, Miss Siggy pioneered a district-wide social service dog program in Guilderland.  She began her service in 2004-05, working with thousands of students until her retirement in 2016.  Miss Siggy had received extensive training to be an effective part of the Guilderland School District staff.  She held a Canine Good Citizenship degree from the American Kennel Association and was certified by Therapy Dog International.  Miss Siggy will be sorely missed, but her legacy lives on as the district has been able to expand its social service dog program to 5 trained dogs.