Guilderland School District

Agenda Item

Resolution - Copyright Settlement (Executive Session Item Pending Board Action)




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Recommend that the board approve the following resolution and authorize the Superintendent to expedite this action.



“WHEREAS, TPRS Publishing, Inc. holds the copyright to a Spanish book titled “Piratas - del Caribe y el mapa secreto”; and,


WHEREAS, the above book was used and published to a class website as a resource by a Guilderland teacher for instructional support purposes without first obtaining or securing adequate permission or paying adequate compensation; and,


WHEREAS, TPRS, Inc, contacted the School District with its copyright and other concerns; and,


WHEREAS, the School District has discussed with TPRS, Inc, a resolution of the issue through payment of compromised and appropriate compensation for such use in full satisfaction of any claim.


THEREFORE, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools and School Counsel, the Board approves of the settlement payment of $3,715.00 to TPRS, Inc. in exchange for a general release acceptable to School Counsel.”