Guilderland School District

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Petty Cash Amount and Designations

Recommend petty cash funds be established in the following amounts:

District Office


Transportation Dept.


High School


School Lunch Fund





Petty Cash Control and Disbursement Authorizations

The resolution should authorize the principal or, in the absence of the principal, his or her designee, to control and disburse the petty cash in school buildings, the School District Treasurer to do so for the District Office, the Transportation Supervisor to do so for the Transportation Department and the School Lunch Director to do so for the School Lunch Fund.



Register Cash Amount and Designations for School Lunch

Recommend the following cafeteria register cash amounts:

High School


Middle School


Guilderland Elem


Pine Bush Elem


Tech Valley H.S.





Designation of Signatory for the Self -Insured Workers’ Compensation Claim Account             


Recommend John Panichi be authorized as signatory for the

Self - Insured Workers’ Compensation Claim Account.   


Designation of Insurance Carrier(s)

Recommend the designation of Utica National Insurance Group as the district’s insurance carrier, Lloyd’s of London for cyber and privacy liability insurance, and Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Co. as the district’s student accident carrier.



Resolution concerning attendance at regular and properly-budgeted conferences of all district employees, to be approved by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.


In past years, the Board of Education has authorized the Superintendent or his/her designee to approve attendance at conferences.


Authorize Superintendent to appoint employees on a temporary basis

Recommend the authorization of the Superintendent, at times when the need to appoint an employee arises prior to the date of a meeting of the Board, to interview candidates, make tentative offers of employment, place individuals into positions on a temporary basis, and direct temporary compensation, all subject to approval by the Board at its earliest convenience.



Resolution as to signatures on various claims and authorization for child nutrition programs and all other federal aid forms.

It is recommended that the following individuals be authorized for these responsibilities:

        Assistant Superintendent for Business

        School Lunch Director




Appointment of staff member to certify payroll             

This is required by law.  It is recommended that the Superintendent be so designated.



Budget Transfers

The State Education Department recommends that the Superintendent and his/her designee be authorized to make routine budget transfers.  Recommend $10,000 ceiling per transaction between function codes.



Authorized Check Signature

Recommend the Treasurer be authorized to sign all payroll and voucher checks, and in his/her absence, the Deputy Treasurer to sign as recommended by the State Education Department.



Authorization to Pay Claims in Advance of the Audit of Claims

Recommend the Board of Education may authorize the payment in advance of audit of claims for public utility services, postage, freight and express charges.  All such claims shall be presented at the next regular meeting for audit, and the claimant and the officer incurring or approving the same shall be jointly and severally liable for any amount disallowed by the Board of Education.  As used in this subdivision, the term public utility services shall mean electric, gas, water, sewer and telephone services.



Grants in Aid (State and Federal)

Recommend that the Superintendent be authorized to apply for grants in aid.