Guilderland School District

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Designation of Board Committees and School Buildings Liaisons


Category:Organizational Meeting


Attached are copies of the completed survey forms for the 2017-18 PTA assignments and Board of Education committees.  As in the past, Board members will be asked to finalize their preferences.


Meeting History

Jul 5, 2017 7:00 PM  Board of Education Organizational and Regular Meeting

Board members chose their preferences for the 2016-17 PTA assignments and Board of Education committees:

School Liaison Program

Altamont Christopher McManus;

Judy Slack (Alternate)

Guilderland Timothy Horan;

Seema Rivera (Alternate)

Lynnwood Catherine Barber;

Barbara Fraterrigo (Alternate)

Pine Bush Judy Slack;

Tim Horan (Alternate)

Westmere Seema Rivera;

Catherine Barber (Alternate)

Farnsworth M.S. Teresa Gitto;

Gloria Towle-Hilt; (Alternate)

High School Gloria Towle-Hilt;

Teresa Gitto (Alternate)

Special Education PTA Barbara Faterrigo

Christopher McManus


Audit Committee

Teresa Gitto Timothy Horan

Christopher McManus

Business Practices Committee

Catherine Barber Christine Hayes

Teresa Gitto Gloria Towle-Hilt

Communications Committee

Christopher McManus Judy Slack

Seema Rivera Gloria Towle-Hilt

Policy Review Committee

Catherine Barber Barbara Fraterrigo

Timothy Horan Seema Rivera


Capital District School Boards Association

Judy Slack

Catherine Barber (Alternate)

CPSE/CSE Liaison

Barbara Fraterrigo

NYSSBA Voting Delegate

Barbara Fraterrigo

Judy Slack (Alternate)

PTA Council Representative

Christine Hayes

Christopher McManus

NYSSBA Advocacy Liaison

Gloria Towle-Hilt

MOVER:Judy Slack, Board Member
SECONDER:Gloria Towle-Hilt, Board Member
AYES:Timothy Horan, Catherine Barber, Barbara Fraterrigo, Christine Hayes, Christopher McManus, Teresa Gitto, Judy Slack, Gloria Towle-Hilt
ABSENT:Seema Rivera