Guilderland School District

Agenda Item



Category:Organizational Meeting


1.                   Designation of Official Newspapers

Recommend the designation of the Altamont Enterprise & Albany County Post and/or The Daily Gazette and/or Times Union as the District’s Official Newspapers.


2.                   Official Bank Depositories

Recommend KeyBank as the designated depository for the following accounts:

General Fund Account

Payroll Account

Trust & Agency Account

School Lunch Account

Extraclassroom Accounts: 

High School

Middle School

Altamont Elementary

Guilderland Elementary

Lynnwood Elementary

Pine Bush Elementary

Westmere Elementary

Capital Fund Account

Federal Fund Account

Memorial Fund Account

Reserve and Private Trust Accounts     

Recommend Capital Bank and the New York Liquid Asset Fund as the designated depositories for the following account:

General Fund Account


3.                   Official Bank Depository for Tax Collection

Recommend Capital Bank as the designated depository for tax collections for the Towns of Bethlehem, Knox and New Scotland.


4.                   Designation of Regular Meetings

See attached schedule of Board of Education meetings.