Guilderland School District

Agenda Item

Review of the Proposed 2017-18 School Calendar




Attached is a copy of the proposed 2017-18 school calendar for review and discussion.             

Meeting History

Mar 21, 2017 7:00 PM  Board of Education Regular Meeting

The proposed 2017-18 school calendar was reviewed and discussed. Christopher McManus reiterated the need for more school days. He said there should be 183 instructional days a year. He suggested school start on the Tuesday after Labor Day and then one additional day added during the year. Barbara Fraterrigo asked why kindergarten starts with a half day of school every year. She feels that it is not necessary; kindergartners are prepared to start school with a full day.

Dr. Wiles explained that due to Altamont Elementary closing on December 16, because of a power outage, and the additional snow days used, we will need to make up the days. The following changes will occur:

April 4 will be a half day for all K-2 students

April 12 will be a full day for all Altamont Elementary students (K-5) and a half day for K-2 students in Guilderland Elementary, Lynnwood, Pine Bush and Westmere Elementary

April 14 will be a half day for all Altamont Elementary students.

The May 26 contingent holiday has been taken away; it will be a school day.